Become Partner

How to Apply for Partnership Program?

First you Need to Add Minimum five  Posts.Once you Have Done Login and Message Here at official Support Profile page. After review of your  posts We will Enable your Partnership Program and When Posts get Views you will earn Money.

Once you Have earned 50$ We will Send your earning Through Western can also receive your earning Through other payment methods it depends upon your Location.We Will Contact to you Before Sending your Earning.We will Ask your Payment Method and Other Information.

please Note that you will Receive earning of Current month at The end of next Month.

You earn 1$ when your posts get 1000 Valid views.

Terms & Conditions For Partners

Now you Can Earn Money By Adding  Posts .

  • When you Add a Post you Get 100 Points.
  • When you Add a Post you are Charged 50 Points.
  • When your Post Get 1 up Vote you get 10 Points.
  • When your Post get 1 Down Vote you Lose 10 Point.
  • When you Add 1 Comment you get 1 point.
  • When your Comment get 1 Down vote you Lose 1 Point.
  • When your Comment get 1 up vote you get 1 Point.
  • You get 1 Point to add one of your each social media accounts.

Very Important Instructions

  1. Your Post Title Should not Be Copied,Must Write your Own Title According to Post.If your Post Title is Copied you will Lose 400 Points.
  2. If your  Post is older Than 12 Hour you will Lose 400 points.
  3. If you Have spelling Mistake you Will lose 400 Points.
  4. if your Post Title is fake wrong or misleading you will Lose 400 points.
  5. if your Comment  is Just for Promotion of your Product,post or Website you will Lose 400 points.
  6. If you are using some link in Post for Promotion of your Product,Post or website you will Lose 400 points.
  7. If your Post  is Added in a wrong Topic  you Lose 400 Points,So Always Choose A Related Topic According to Post.
  8. If you Add same Post  more than 1 Time you lose 400 Points.

Format for  Post.

  1. Write a Unique Title (Never Copy)
  2. Select Topic
  3. Add Tags
  4. Click on Add video and add Video ID (video ID is last part of video link.
  5. add Featured Image,Thumbnail (optional)
  6. Add Some Unique Description According to Post.
  7. Publish your Post.
  8. Search Top news Channels of your Related Topic on Dailymotion YouTube Vimeo,and Facebook.
  9. You can also embed Twitter videos in text area of your editor.